Monday, 27 September 2010


I'm sitting here tonight (gosh, it's morning already - where did this evening go?), thinking about a remarkable lady.  Her name was Stacey Apeitos, and she passed away on Thursday night.

I'm remembering her smile and her eyes, her voice, her glasses.  I'm remembering she knew my name, and always greeted me using it. I'm remembering her amazing art in any number of forms - felting, soul collage, miniatures, stamping.  I'm remembering my first contact with her through her stamp company Studio Astarte.  I'm remembering that she started the fabulous Paperific Shows, and the shorter lived Paper Arts Tarts days. I'm remembering seeing her a few times during her battle with cancer. Sometimes she looked thin and unwell, but she always had a sparkle in her eye, always ready to smile. She was innovative and a trend setter, a motivator and facilitator. She was a mother and a wife. She explored more than I could ever hope to explore.

She contacted Lesley of Little Bits a couple of weeks ago, saying she had some things for her.  Stacey had gone through her immense stash of craft supplies, and put together some activity packs and wanted Lesley to sell them in her shop.  They are available now at Little Bits for $15 (excellent value, let me tell you!), with all proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Network.

There will be a service for Stacey this Tuesday.  Details will be in the Herald Sun.

I'm off to bed now, for tomorrow is another day I will try to fill with meaningful things.  Life is too short!

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  1. Hi there Teresa, such a gorgeous tribute to Stacey. I didn't know her very well - I only just said hi and bye at the Paperific shows.
    Such a loss - she definitely wont be forgotten.

    Luv Sandie


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