Monday, 14 September 2009

September gallery

This month's gallery is now open at Lime Tart. Click here to see the wonderful work from the design team.

This is a layout I did using this month's sketch prepared by Nicole, and my A la Tarte kit. You can see close ups of it in the gallery.

I know some people are going to say the title (You call it art, I call it mess) is a bit mean, or not PC, but seriously - on this particular occasion, what the girls created WAS a mess! They mixed all the acrylic paint colours together to make a horrible greeny colour, which ended up on the outside of the paint tubes, fence, driveway, clothing, dogs and goodness knows how many other places. When I asked them "What happened here?" they replied "we made a bit of a mess." The only part of that statement I disagree with is the 'bit of a mess' was a LOT of a mess!

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  1. Beautiful layout and great pictures! So cool you got pics of it!


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