Friday, 7 August 2009

A card I wish I didn't have to send

This is a card I made for our friend Ana:

A few months ago she found out she has breast cancer. Fortunately it was detected early, and so she'll need surgery and radiotherapy - no chemo thank goodness! Ana has beautiful long black hair - it would be a tragedy if she ever lost it.

I wanted to let Ana know that although we're busy living our hectic lives, and we can't visit her all the time, we're still thinking of her and wishing her all the best.


  1. This post has really touched me....thanks for posting this.

  2. Great card, I have a dear friend who had her surgery yesterday and I'm praying everything is okay:o) Good luck with my candy

  3. Wish her all the best from me, I know what she's going through and friends like you are the very best medicine, we are both lucky to count on you as a friend.


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