Thursday, 2 April 2009


I had the opportunity (thanks to Lesley of Little Bits) of attending SIA this year. I guess this event would be the Aussie equivalent to CHA, but on a much (much, much...) smaller scale.

One of the highlights for me was the Collections stand. The thing (well, one of the things) I love about Julie is that she not only puts out a new product, but the samples she displays on the stand are always world-class, and you know that she has explored, exploited and stretched to the limit any product she releases.

I was overwhelmed with all the new products she has released, and we had the chance to play with some at the workshop. This is what we made:

It was a thrill seeing Julie again:

and I finally met the amazing Audrey:

I did the make and take (I'm wearing the pin on my in the photo above) early in the day, and Audrey was bright and bubbly. At the end of the day I stopped by the booth again, and Audrey was STILL bright and bubbly. There's just no stopping this incredibly talented lady! (These photos are a welcome addition to my album of Me with Famous People. He he.)

I also met Sherry:

Sherry is the DT manager for 1Worldscrap, but is also the DT manager for Twiddleybitz where she was working at SIA. Twiddleybitz are the company that have the most amazing opening gate made of chipboard. Here's a sample they had at their stand:

Well, now that little adventure is over, it's back to reality for me. Mum is currently in theatre having a shoulder reconstruction, so I'll be on nursing duties for both of my parents over the next few weeks. Thankfully I have a sister who will share the load. Right - smile on - off I go!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week.


  1. sounds like fun & I love the projects!

  2. It was lovely meeting you Teresa. We really need to give that photographer some lessons LOL. Take care

  3. Hey Teresa you are such a sweet kind girl. I really appreciate your help in my class, you are one amazing chick! thanks again, Julie


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