Monday, 5 January 2009

Good times

I'm just loving these holidays! Today I got to sleep in, then went out to lunch with my favourite little people, then from the minute we got home the house was filled with children's squeals and laughter. I think at one stage or another I had all the neighbourhood kids here because I wouldn't let my children outside because of the hot sun. They all had a wonderful time.

Look what happened to me this afternoon:

My sister had to go out and it was easier sans enfants, so I had my neice and nephew here as well! Little Lucas who is just over 2 months old was due for a nap, and I lent him my shoulder. Aint he sweet? I let him stretch out on a playmat before he fell asleep - here are my girls mauling him with kisses:

I've got some exciting news to share very very soon. Here's a little sneak peek:


  1. Ohhhhh I dont like secrets Miss Teresa!!!! Your day sounds like mine minus the bebes... But the neighbourhood kidlets here, same reason as yours, sun too hot today... Great minds think alike..Now be kind and share your secrets..

  2. oh, he's adorable. I love that age. Lucky you!

  3. yes tell us Teresa...dont make us wait...pls...or else you will get a pastel cutsy card from me!!!

  4. Hiya T!
    Happy 2009 to you and the family.
    Looks like an exciting secret you're hiding!!!
    Look forward to more ....
    ~xx Barb xx~


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