Monday, 3 March 2008

Absolutely NO pink

Just to prove I can work with other colours ;)

This is one of 50 wedding invitations I made for one of my husband's colleagues. The wedding will be held in the country, so besides the invitation they had to include a map, a list of suggested accomodation as well as the gift registry cards.

I thought a square invitation would be good, with all the contents in a matchbook style cover. The couple loved the idea, and they made me nervous by giving me absolute carte blanche with regards to design. They didn't even suggest a colour - they left it all up to me. If everyone was this easy to deal with, I'd probably do more paid work!
They were thrilled with the end product - Jason said "WOW - they look like they have been printed!" That's a real compliment - way ahead of "yeah - these look handmade."
The best bit about doing wedding invitations is that you get to see the guest list before anyone else hee hee!


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