Sunday, 3 February 2008

All DeMeng'd

Well today's class with Michael DeMeng was FABULOUS! He would have to rate amongst the best teachers ever. He was entertaining and informative - I learnt so much today. I've got a headache - probably because all that new knowledge is trying to find a new home in my brain - I can feel it jostling with 1980s song lyrics and old phone numbers for residence in my memory. Here I am playing grasshopper to the master DeMeng. Just look at the look of concentration on my face as I absorb Michael's words:

I'm stroking my imaginary beard, and I'm forgetting to suck in my gut. **Thanks Jo for the photo**

Michael took us through treatment of a transparency, adding texture to a flat surface, paint techniques using Golden acrylics (my new fave product), and what I thought was the best bit, spent the last hour of the day giving a critique of everyone's work. I found this bit valuable because with his artist's eye, Michael broke down each piece, and from his interpretation I could work out why I liked a particular piece, or why it may not have pleased my eye. For example, he said the eye is drawn into nooks and crannies (eg keyholes), so you'd better put something in that space, or people viewing your art will feel a bit ripped off. His words will resound in my ears when I next try a composition - his lovely smooth voice and captivating laugh.

I guess you want to see what I made. For the first piece, I started with this:

.......and ended up with this:

This second piece started life out as a clock. I picked it up at a market for $1, added some black paint at the bottom and some verdigris effect at the top.

Keep in mind I'm not happy with them as complete pieces - I'm treating them as examples of techniques to help jog the memory when I next start a piece.
Here are some ATCs I made for swapping:

This is the one I gave Michael. This little couple remind me of him and Judy - so happy in love.

Well that's it folks - if my camera batteries had held out a little longer, I'd have had photos of everyone else's work to show you as well. My favourite piece for the day was Julian's, so be sure to check out her blog in the next few days for a photo of that. Also see Jo's, Gail's, Jenny's, Greta's, Liz's and Kathy's- they did some fabulous work too. I had such a fun day - even tho I had to stare at Jo's ARSEmblage all day ;)). A special thanks must go to Barb Conroy, who sat next to me and had to stand up and let me through every time I got another bright idea. Poor thing - I hope your legs are not too sore!


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!! I am so jealous!!! Tell him to come back to San Diego pronto!!

  2. What a wonderful weekend we had,your work looked awesome I love what you did
    Ps is that dribble coming out of your mouth in that photo!!!

  3. Your work looks fabulous and like most of us that attended, noone liked their own work, but the more you look at it "Wow", you have to admit to yourself did I do that?????LOL, thanks for sharing your thoughts as it sums up exactly how I also felt about the day.

  4. Your pieces look wonderful Teresa, they should be on display on a sideboard to show off to the world your new relationship - with Golden Paints. And a reminder that Michael De Meng guided you through the entire process, as if the photo is not enough!

  5. Just love the shot of you through the window! I'd love to know your thoughts!!
    I'm awfully proud to be the new owner of "Good Girl" and I promise I'll look after her.

  6. I have to agree with everything you said about the weekend. I had a great time, you and the other girls were terrific company and Michael's a wonderful teacher. The pieces you did are great, you should be proud of yourself.

  7. Great work, I agree Michael's one of the best teachers, I took his class in Fremantle. I love the assemblaaaaaage in your first photo it looks fabulous

  8. Wonderful work! One of the best parts for me in taking a class is seeing what everyone else had made. So this is so nice. Sounds like you had a great time.


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