Saturday, 5 January 2008

I'm baaaack!

What was that? Feels like I've been hit by a train....oh yeah - Christmas. That's what it was! Looking back now, I had begun to shut down mentally at least a week before, so Christmas itself is a bit of a blur. Does anyone else feel like that?

I ended up taking a 2 week holiday from MY WORLD - I didn't even have a chance to step foot in my studio until about a week ago. I didn't even know where the mobile phone was, and I eventually found my diary under the car seat, where it had been since the second week of December! I was busy doing enjoyable things with my family, I got to really enjoy the little people my kids are becoming. I've got Mr Inquisitive Jake, Miss Look after everyone else Rachel, and Miss I'm not afraid of nothing Elouise. I've never been more proud of who they are - I really love spending time with them.

One huge obstacle to getting started on the many projects I've got on my plate was the huge mess I left the studio in before Christmas. It took me two days to put it back in order. After that, the art just flowed. The mess must have been blocking my Chi energy. I'd like to resolve to never let it get that bad, but then that would be one new year's resolution already broken!

Anyway, I finally finished my pages in Debbie's altered book. Her theme was vintage women, and you know me - any excuse to pull out one of my nudes! I used my new Tim Holtz stamps, my new Basic Grey rub ons, and my new Artchix german scrap. The page virtually sparkles with newness! It felt good to rip open packets too. If blogger is behaving itself, you should be able to click on the photo to make it bigger. If blogger isn't behaving, then the writing says "Let's rumble - I need to return to my stamping." Clearly, this is a woman with her priorities in order, but only just!


  1. it is about nice as Lou Lous room was I wanted to see some more of your art..and I have not been disappointed...
    I love the page in Debbies book and I am sure she will also..good to see you back Teresa

  2. It even better in real life than it is here Teresa, your muse be back in full swing, I haven't started anything Yet. Thanks for today.


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