Wednesday, 12 September 2007

High Distress Levels

I'm talking about the Tim Holtz type of distress - not the high adrenaline type, although for some this is the same thing.

This is a page I did in Donna's book. Her theme is Tim Holtz, so you can imagine the state of my fingers when I finished - I looked like a homeless person!

Fortunately, a couple of the girls let me borrow their Timmy books to get ideas from (thank Greta and Jo!), because I had no idea. Turns out I had a lot of fun, and had to stop myself from going way overboard.

I'm loving this round robin - all the girls are putting so much work into their pages. Most of them are really dimensional, which adds that extra bit of interest. Can't wait to get my book back in a few months time.


  1. wow ! great job !! yes I can imagine your fingers... *LOL*

  2. Really Beautiful!! You have out done yourself

  3. Oh my god Teresa, who did this page for you????

    it's divine! ;-)

  4. Absolutely fab, you have outdone yourself this time and made us all look bad

  5. Hi teresa, thanks for visiting my blog your page looks awesome, im sure vanessa is going to love it, and i bet shes already had a sneekie peekie



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