Sunday, 8 April 2007

Happy Easter everyone

Hi all.
This is what I've been up to this week. The first pictures are of a little (ATC size) card/shrine I made for our nephew Adam who turned 21 last month. Busy Auntie Teresa (I hate it when he calls me that - makes me feel old. So he does it even more!) has only just got around to making it now. Sorry Addy! I've used a two-step paint process to achieve the rusted effect, and then some silver acrylic for the embellishments.

This next picture is of a fabric ATC made for a swap for one of my online groups. I think I prefer working with paper!
This last pic is of a card I made my sister for her birthday on the 5th April. She's adopted and she's older than me. Everyone says that I'm prettier than she is, but I don't like them saying that in case she hears them. Especially our Mum - she's always calling me her favourite when Linda is around. Anyway, back to the card. I've used Opals UTEE on the flowers, and the fiddle is worth the end result I think. I've also embossed the scrolls in regular white embossing powder. Alphabet stamps and little heart by Purple Onion.


  1. I love your work - it's so inspiring. I really don't mind that I'm adopted at all.

  2. Teresa, you're awful!
    I really feel for your older sister.
    She must be devasted by you and your mum talking about her like that.
    Hopefully she hasn't read your blog yet.

  3. Dear Muriel,
    Fear not - all those comments were written in jest. My sister is not adopted at all, and she is my younger sister, not older. We're always teasing each other like that.
    Thanks for your comment tho - she was touched!

  4. This card is so sweet - just like Lila!!


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