Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday (26th) was our 8th wedding anniversary. Yep........8 years. You get less time for some violent crimes!
Sammy came home with a lovely bunch of lilies, and we commented that this is the first bunch of flowers he's given me and he hasn't been in the doghouse. Even after 8 years we can still share a laugh, occasionally sometimes.
This is the card I made Sammy (apologies for the dark photo). I got the idea from someone on the design team of justjohanna rubber stamps. He didn't like what I wrote inside. It reads "Now that we've been married for so long, it's time I told you secret - I was not born a woman." He didn't think that was funny at all. So I told him to grab me a beer from the fridge, and I sat down to watch tv while he cooked dinner and bathed the kids. He looked upset, but I'm sure if I ignore him he'll feel better soon.
I am of course joking. We had a lovely evening - settling the kids, then sitting down to watch some tv, and then (this is the best bit) I got to lance Sammy's infected ingrown toe nail. Ace!
Happy anniversary darling - you've got another 9 toes, so that's potentially another 9 years we'll be together.

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  1. Congrat's on your 8 years!! Sammy knows how lucky he is to have you - I mean he could have married your sister!?? just imagine that one!


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