Saturday, 12 August 2006

It's here!

Finally, I've started a blog. It's in vogue, and besides it's good for personal reflection.
I aim to post at least once a week. (If I say it quickly it doesn't sound too daunting).
Feel free to leave a comment, it amuses me.


  1. Hi Teresa,

    You are a very talented & creative individual. I love the pregnancy journal. Perhaps you can do some other journals, for example a weight loss journal, the husband's cooking adventures journal, a kids travel journal or even a travel diary for adults. Who knows I may even come to your class to make a husband's cooking adventures journal.
    Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary - Love from your Husband Sammy

  2. Dear Sammy,
    Wow - the rumour is true! You CAN read! Amazing.
    Even after 8 years you can still surprise me.
    Happy anniversary dear.


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