Saturday, 13 September 2008

A book for a wonderful lady

This is a book I made for my dear friend, sometimes boss, and owner of Little Bits where I teach some classes. I bet you can guess what her name is! She recently turned (a big number), and requested no presents for her celebration. She didn't specifically say "Teresa, please don't make me a book" so I made this:

It's made from heavy chipboard covers, wrapped in a luxurious upholstery fabric. I added some trim, some metal embellishments and Cuttlebugged her name for the front. Inside I used some heavy handmade paper, added a message from me at the front and I left room for signatures and photos in the back.

All I need to do now is get the photos I took on the day printed, and it will be complete. It's on my to do list, I promise!

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  1. What a lovely idea - I bet your friend cherishes her book.


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