Monday, 15 October 2007

Paperific 2007

I'm in recovery after this huge event. This is touted as Australia's premier papercraft event, and boy was it busy!

The venue had its issues (small, poor lighting etc etc), and I feel there were fewer vendors than past years. A lot of scrapbooking and hardly any stamping, but I guess the vendors are just following market trends. Having said that, Little Bits where I was working did a roaring trade in stamps, especially Chistmas themed ones. We also sold out of a few items half way through the first day! Busy as we were, I still managed to get a little bit of shopping done - and blow the budget!

The absolute highlight for me was the ArtyOz dinner on the Friday night. I had a fabulous time meeting some interstate members (hello to you Ness, Julian, Kaeren), catching up with other friends, and to top it all off, I received my Collections House book swap from Julian. It is now my most prized objet d'art. Greta said I didn't deserve it, but I have resolved to become a better person and be worthy of such work. Here's a pic:

All of that activity, and my guts a-bubbling with the after-effects of gastro! Not a bad effort, even if I do say so myself.

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  1. Theresa you had a good buy up by the look !! Love Julians Book too die for,great to catch up with you on the weekend


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