Wednesday, 17 September 2008

something beautiful.....

You know that feeling you get when someone does something wonderful just for you? Well, I've been swimming in that feeling for a couple of months now. This is the reason:

It's my round robin altered book, it has finally flown home. It's beautiful, and I love the girls who have worked in it - they are dear friends, and they've made a supreme effort. Here it is, page by glorious page:

This is my sign in page. Everyone has signed the back of a tag.

This page is by Debbie:

This page is by Jo:
This page is by Greta:

This page is by Gail:

This page is by Amy:

And this page is by Donna:

I think you understand now my euphoric state - isn't it just beautiful?


  1. Yes Teresa, it is a very beautiful book, it was an honour to work in it!

  2. absolutly fantastic!!!

    what a wonderfull book! the designers are great artiste...

    sorry for my english... really bad!!!

  3. Such a gorgeous book that you all compiled together.

  4. Beautiful book. I love to create in altered books.

  5. This turned out wonderfully! Nothing like the feeling when a collaborative project finally makes it way home!!


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