Friday, 29 February 2008

Parade of Pink (parte deuxième)

Back again. This time I want to show you another pink project - a little 4 x 4 canvas.

I painted it all in a most delicious shade of pink, then stamped and embossed Michelle's little scroll, which is my second fave stamp after Michelles' big scroll. I popped a cupcake on it and had to stamp yum yum on it because that, quite simply, is the definition of a cupcake.

I thought it needed something else up top, so I got a few bits of tafetta ribbon and stapled them on (when the canvas is up high on a wall where no child's hand can reach, no one will see the staples).

I just love the sugar roses they put on cakes, so I folded one from paper and stuck one on the cupcake. Voila - fini!

Parade of Pink (part 1)

I've made a few little gifty type things using my justjohanna stamps. I'll show you what I made over the next couple of days.

First up today is a little holder for those pesky little post it note pads that end up all messed up and covered in GKW in my handbag. Well no more - now they are protected by this neat little folder, all made pretty with some stamping, white gel pen and some ribbon. I can also put important receipts in there until I get home and can put them somewhere safer.

Quick and easy - all I did was cut some cardstock to size and score away. I did go to the trouble of putting a couple of eyelets in the back to stop the ribbon tearing the cardstock. Simple!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

A Delightful Day

Well I just had a most delightful day. It was always going to be a good one - both Jake and Rachel were invited to parties, the weather was supposed to behave itself, and best of all I had a bunch of good friends over for a play date. Plus I felt a little tingle of excitement at work on Friday night. I don't get those too often!

Here's a photo of one half of the group:

Gail, (with the help of Jo and their friend Michelle) printed these gorgeous aprons for us to remember our workshop with Michael DeMeng earlier this month. I was also lucky enough to receive a polo shirt with the same design printed on it from Jo - thank you both so much for all your hard work. I think they are amazing.

Back row: Liz, Kathy, Marg, & Gail. Front row: Moi (looking like I've had a glass of wine or two shhhhh), & Jo

Everyone got a fair bit of work done too - it wasn't all gossip and giggles. I'll post a photo of what I made today as soon as I finish it.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Valentine Challenge

This week's challenge on Wednesday Stamper was Valentine, so I thought I'd join in the fun. I've used my favourite products: justjohanna stamps and some Basic Grey paper.

There now, I think we can put Valentine's day to bed for this year. I've got heaps of inspiration for next year though!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

New Lime Tart Design Team Members

We welcome a couple of new DT members: Bernie and Jo. I so look forward to working with them. Well done girls on being selected, but I'm not one bit surprised you made it onto the team - your work is brilliant!
The Designers page has been updated on the Lime Tart website, so pop on over and check it out. While you're over there, have a read of my blog entry and leave a comment. I'd love to hear what you think of my new endeavour.

Friday, 15 February 2008

being thankful

Thanks - there's a word I throw around a lot. I really am thankful to be surrounded by so many wonderful things, and wonderful people. I am in a happy space at the moment. Until the next mortgage interest rate rise, at least!

birthday cards

Here are some birthday cards I made

using Basic Grey paper, and justjohanna stamps of course!

I'm really into birds - can you tell? justjohanna has a great range of owls too.

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had (or is having) a good one. I didn't see Sammy at all today - it was great!
My son Jake (7) told me not to worry - "if Dad doesn't get you anything for Valentine's day, then I can buy you something on the weekend". I told him that it isn't all about buying something, but I thanked him for the beautiful thought. Aint he sweet?

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

sneaking around.......

I've got a few cryptic pics of what I made with the A la Tarte kit for this month.
Unfortunately this kit has sold out ;((,
but the good news is Philippa still has some of the Rouge de Garance Lilou range of papers available in the Lime Tart shop, and the justjohanna scroll border stamp is also in stock at the moment.

So next time someone tells you to be quick - you'd better listen! These kits are almost too fabulous!

Entire pics will be up in the gallery in the next day or two, along with a blog post from moi on Zest blog. Enjoy!

sketch work

This was the sketch recently provided in the justjohanna newsletter:

and here's my take on it:

And this one:

was featured in the justjohanna newsletter recently. If you don't receive the newsletter and would like to, subscribe by dropping Johanna an email at and as with all the best things in life - its' free!

Sunday, 3 February 2008

All DeMeng'd

Well today's class with Michael DeMeng was FABULOUS! He would have to rate amongst the best teachers ever. He was entertaining and informative - I learnt so much today. I've got a headache - probably because all that new knowledge is trying to find a new home in my brain - I can feel it jostling with 1980s song lyrics and old phone numbers for residence in my memory. Here I am playing grasshopper to the master DeMeng. Just look at the look of concentration on my face as I absorb Michael's words:

I'm stroking my imaginary beard, and I'm forgetting to suck in my gut. **Thanks Jo for the photo**

Michael took us through treatment of a transparency, adding texture to a flat surface, paint techniques using Golden acrylics (my new fave product), and what I thought was the best bit, spent the last hour of the day giving a critique of everyone's work. I found this bit valuable because with his artist's eye, Michael broke down each piece, and from his interpretation I could work out why I liked a particular piece, or why it may not have pleased my eye. For example, he said the eye is drawn into nooks and crannies (eg keyholes), so you'd better put something in that space, or people viewing your art will feel a bit ripped off. His words will resound in my ears when I next try a composition - his lovely smooth voice and captivating laugh.

I guess you want to see what I made. For the first piece, I started with this:

.......and ended up with this:

This second piece started life out as a clock. I picked it up at a market for $1, added some black paint at the bottom and some verdigris effect at the top.

Keep in mind I'm not happy with them as complete pieces - I'm treating them as examples of techniques to help jog the memory when I next start a piece.
Here are some ATCs I made for swapping:

This is the one I gave Michael. This little couple remind me of him and Judy - so happy in love.

Well that's it folks - if my camera batteries had held out a little longer, I'd have had photos of everyone else's work to show you as well. My favourite piece for the day was Julian's, so be sure to check out her blog in the next few days for a photo of that. Also see Jo's, Gail's, Jenny's, Greta's, Liz's and Kathy's- they did some fabulous work too. I had such a fun day - even tho I had to stare at Jo's ARSEmblage all day ;)). A special thanks must go to Barb Conroy, who sat next to me and had to stand up and let me through every time I got another bright idea. Poor thing - I hope your legs are not too sore!

I was with DeMeng last night

Had dinner that is! Michael is teaching a couple of classes here in Melbourne - I am doing one today (Sunday), so stay tuned for photos of that sometime tomorrow.
Dinner last night was in an incredibly loud pub, so I unfortunately didn't get to chat as much as I would have liked. Michael mingled, and I found him to be such a pleasant person. I can't wait for the class today.
Also at dinner was Michael's GF Judy - yeah Red Velvet Judy, who also mingled and was soooo nice. To be honest, I was a little starstruck! They are both humble beautiful people.
Anyway, I'd better get going - don't want to be late for class!
Ooh - before I go - Lisa has a Valentine's Day countdown happening over here - check out the gorgeous downloadable images.

Friday, 1 February 2008

something new.....

Check out this new book:

.....and Catherine is giving away two copies on her blog. I think this is something I'd REALLY like to own!

something blue

These are a couple of cards I made for Caardvark's current challenge called Blue Moon. There are some fantastic cardmakers in this group.

I don't often work with just blue - makes for a nice change. I used justjohanna stamps.