Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A favour for an 80th

A friend at work the other day was saying she was finding it hard to find a card for her dad who was turning 80. She could find lots of 70, and a few 100, but no 80. What's with that? Do people go straight from 70 to 100?

Anyway, I had a couple of spare hours on Saturday night, so I offered to whip something up. An 80th card is easy right? You just make a masculine card and stick an 80 on it somewhere. Easy!

I started playing, one thing led to another, and this is what I came up with (remembering I did a workshop with Judy a couple of weeks ago):

I don't think my friend was expecting anything like that! I hope it's not too grungey for her dad.


  1. Loving the cage work - keep it up - looks wonderful.

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  3. Fantastic card T .. any self respecting gentleman would be thrilled to receive it.
    I love what you've done with the blog too!!
    ~xx Barb xx~

  4. Love the cage it looks GREAT your work is really awesome Teresa


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