Thursday, 13 November 2008

An artistic weekend

Last weekend was two days of complete artistic indulgence - I attended a workshop organised by Kathy and Marg. They arranged for the amazing Judy Wilkenfeld to come down from Sydney to teach us her Fair Maid of Perth book. I never ever get the chance to spend two whole days playing and learning, so it was a real treat for me.
I didn't get much actually finished, but I learned so much that I will be applying to my artwork from now on.
On the Thursday before the workshop (nothing like being prepared!), I went over to my parent's house and asked them to pull out any old old photos they had. I didn't think they'd have too many photos of my ancestors - my parents were born during or just after the Spanish Civil war, so luxuries like cameras and photo sittings were just not possible. Any photos they did have would have been lost or destroyed. What I did find were tonnes of photos of my Dad from the fifties and sixties, so I thought that would make a good enough theme.
Here are a couple of pages that are almost finished:

And here is another element that will go inside the book. It's actually a smaller book with a niche cut into it. This contains a little Frozen Charlotte doll that has short curly hair, just like my Dad.

and with the cover of the book open:

I'll certainly be posting more photos of the final product when I finish it. Are you kidding? I'll be shouting from the rooftops when I finish this mammoth project!


  1. wow - its looking so great! can't wait to see it complete.

  2. Wow it looks like you had a great time and learnt lots of new techniques!!!
    Can't wait to see more.
    ~xx Barb xx~

  3. Hi Teresa
    thanks for sharing..I am so envious..the class would have been amazing..I will be waiting eagerly for more finished pages..I think your journey with this book will be more enjoyable because it is will give u the want to finish it
    thank you for letting us in on your journey

  4. It looks amazing Teresa Im sure when its finished it will be amazing.Great to see you on the weekend

  5. WOW! Your book looks fabulous already, it's so good to have real family stuff to include.

  6. Teresa, it's great to see your special book at this stage...just beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more.

  7. This project is simply awesome! Hope I wish I can attend the class...

  8. What an amazing experience you must have had. The pages are wonderful and I look forward to seeing more and more!


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